1. Mirror me. #reflections #portrait

  2. Zen wall

  3. Beaches be cray.

  4. Day trippin’ to Santa Barbara and visiting the Old Mission. Blue skies, pink trim and a lot of foliage.

  5. Block it out.

    for http://www.reedbtwnthelines.com/post/94492406357/block-it-out-model-matthew-papes-photo-cred

  6. Samantha Lee on her way to howl at the moon.

  7. 🍌 #yellow

  8. Black & white city #chitecture
    #chicagoviews #chicagotheater

  9. Karen O - Rapt (Official Video)

    Loving these lo-fi ethereal ditties she’s been doing. Can’t wait for Crush Songs to be out in September!

    (Source: youtube.com)

  10. Washington Square Park, NYC

  11. Empire state of mind tonight. 

  12. The Silver Room Block Party was awesome as usual. Music around every corner and all about the artists.