1. Empire state of mind tonight. 

  2. The Silver Room Block Party was awesome as usual. Music around every corner and all about the artists.

  3. Chicago’s Flat Iron Arts building looking lovely.

  4. Stoops and green doors. If only I could sit and people watch all day. 

    New York I <3 you

  5. Ms. Reed’s “Paisley Perfection”

    Model: Matthew Papes

    Photos by me

  6. And #timeflies #truth

  7. New York Philharmonic | Concerts in the Parks

    People, silhouettes, balloons on the loose, fireworks and amazing music.

  8. Hello #chicago Looking mighty bright

  9. Hello 1963 #nytransitmuseum #train (at New York Transit Museum)

  10. #nosleeptil #brooklyn

  11. #newyork I love you

  12. Brick and foliage.  It’s a good day to be in the city.